Winter Pictures

In Snohomish (near Seattle), I had lots of fun with my uncles and grandparents.  That's me and Grandpa, Uncle Drew, and Grandma.  As you can see in the last picture, I really have a blast in the bath-tub.
Sadly, it turns out these fun folks are going to have to stay out in Snohomish.  I was hoping to see them down where the weather is better, but I guess that's just the way things go.

And I could really get into this Christmas present thing.

Mommy thought I should have some special Christmas pictures, and I obliged.  I just love my dragon slippers, and they are so easy to accessorize with a Santa hat.

Big News!  Mommy and Daddy finally had me baptized!  I am very lucky to have such good godparents, Uncle Scott Jerzyk and (Honorary) Aunt Emily Redington.  It was a touching moment, but I didn't care for all the dampness.

This is my most angelic pose.  Do you like it? Do you buy it?
Didn't think so.  Luckily, I am fairly wily for a seven month old.
A special Valentine's Day picture for the family to enjoy.
It's gotta be the shoes.  Look out world, I am almost ready to navigate freely.

Sherlock and I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.
(He also wants me to mention that you can send any unused candy his way.)
More in just a few weeks, spring is on the way, and I have a feeling I am going to love it!