Summertime '98

Pictures from Katherine's 2 month birthday
(ok, so these are actually from Aug.1-12, but you get the point.  I put them up on her birthday.)
Anyone for a swim? I've been 3 times and have 2 suits!

I've got my sunglasses.
Shucks, you guys are no fun. 
Well, I guess I will just take a nap then.  After all, I have all these nice soft blankets, and my eyes are soooooo heavy.........zzzzzzzzzz
The last  round of pictures from the International House.

Mother and child, getting some much needed rest.
(Just to prove that it isn't all sleepless nights and dirty bottoms.)

One of the very few women born into the family, Grandma Linda, confronts her first grandaughter.
(only the fourth girl out of the last 24 births on Dad's side of the family!)

What could come between a girl and her dog?
Sherlock and Katherine thinking real hard about that tough subject.  Right now, they suggest that their love for honey-pot Pooh might come between them.

It's such a hard life, always on the go.

some pictures from the Fourth of July, and Katherine's visit from Uncle Scott.  Katherine loved the fireworks, but sherlock just cowered under the blanket during the explosions.

Sure, he may look uncertain, but he got the hang of it all pretty quickly, and Katherine just LOVED his Dodge Durango.  This was Katherine's first visit from an uncle of any kind, and she already seems to have figured how to come out on top.

This is a new favorite of Daddy's.  As you can see, she is shedding her new-born look for something more infant-like.  Every day, she adds some new trick to her repertoire.  Of course, the fingers give her away as a Bromund, no doubt about it.

How do you get a girl ready for the world of big-screen TVs and remote controls?  You get her her own forms of pacification and audio-visual stimulation.  Right now, her TV only runs "The Katherine Show".  All day, all night, Katherine in the mirror.