Katherine's First Spring

There have been a lot of changes this season.  She's walking, she's babbling, she's chewing solid food, and she's harassing the dog.  Now that mom and dad are both done with school, Katherine is picking up the pace and pressing harder than ever to become the little girl she wants to be.

This Easter stuff sure is fun!  Now I can enjoy all those toys of mine.  Where was that little piglet hiding?  Oh, here in the bottom of the basket.

Now then, time to work this little walker.  What, can't turn?  Well, this just won't do!
I guess I will have to walk on my own.

I just love the bathtub.  So much to splash, so many sponge toys to taste!

Mom keeps taking my picture.
How's a girl to get any time to herself?

Daddy's finally going to graduate.  So, what is this whole school thing about anyway?  Mommy did this thing too?  Hmm...I guess I will have to do it myself.
All I know right now is that it means lots of fun books to taste and tear off shelves.
Next stop, North Carolina!