221 B Baker Street
The nest of the wily Sherlock

Sherlock and Miniver
The ever-crafty Sherlock has won his unloaded his partner and is now happily ensconced in a world full of soft cushions and long naps--our apartment.
While Miniver will always be with us in our hearts, she recently moved up in the world.  We found her a family in Brentwood, TN with three little boys and a huge back yard.   She is now living  in a house worth more than we will ever make, and has a whole family of kids to keep up with her.  We miss her, but are happy that she was with us for a while and that she has found a good home.
As for our now 2 year old Sherlock, he continues to live the life of a  Persian Prince.  With Katherine's arrival, he has had someone in the house that is smaller than him(though not for long), and he has been quite the loving puppy.  He still loves to indulge the beagle (run around crazy) and the basset (sleep like a log) in him, and we are happy with both.