Autumn and the beginning of the holidays, a time for gratitude for all our blessings.

Hello neighbor.
Another beautiful morning.  What trouble can I get into today?
Doesn't he know I can't swim?

Another day, another opportunity to nap.

Time for some pictures from the month of October.

A little series we call, "A girl and her good for nothing dog."

Have you seen these new exer-saucers? They are great!

Do you like my hat? Mom says it brings out my eyes.

I just love these overalls from my Grandma.
Me and this bear, we know how to party!

But when the day is done, we know where to settle down for the evening!

Do you thiink I am too young to stand up?  Just wait and see what comes next!

Halloween was so much fun.  I got all dressed up and everybody liked my outfit.  I don't think silver is my color though.

I really like all this Winnie the Pooh stuff.  Sign me up for another set in a bigger size for Christmas.  I think I will wear out the knees on these by then.

Working on this reading thing is tough.  I don't even speak the language.
Mom keeps saying "Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Man".  Who is this Patty, and what does she have to do with Baking?

Another beautiful morning and I feel fine!

Mom and I really loved all the turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, but all that tryptophan knocks a girl out.

I thought I would end this round with a look at my new wrestling move.  Winnie is a good friend, but a terrible sparring partner.  He won't ever submit to the power of my "Mega-plex Figure 4".  Oh well, I guess I will have to go to Minnesota and try it on that new governor of theirs.